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Student Testimonial:

“The college application process seems daunting and overwhelming at first. I began by exploring ideas and immersing myself in self-reflection to form thoughtful, passionate, honest writing. I spoke with Ms. Fox continually about my writing and topic goals. We discussed ways to uniquely approach a supplement so that it would not only be enjoyable for the admissions officer to read, but also, and more importantly, more enjoyable for me to write. Ms. Fox was incredibly patient and thoughtful with each college writing piece. Oftentimes after receiving her critique, I would begin pieces again, with a new, stronger objective. I began to love writing, and with her assistance, I recognized which pieces were strong and which needed improvement.

After speaking with Ms. Fox each week, I became more passionate about what I chose to write about and continually looked forward to our conversations. She was always available and responsive, which was important to me due to the limited time I had allotted for application submissions. She was always willing to advise me on my writing for grammar and content, whether it was a jotted idea or a formulated essay, and would promptly respond with extensive, considerate advice.

Through this process, I became a more reflective and thoughtful writer and person, which in itself, will last longer than a college application process.”

Rose P., Niskayuna, New York

Parent Endorsement:

“My husband and I highly recommend Kris Fox to guide your child in the highly competitive college application and essay writing process. We felt a little behind the curve when we started our search for an experienced advisor, and were lucky to secure one of Kris’s last time slots on her already full calendar back in July. We were apprehensive about selecting an advisor who lived so far away, but we were soon put at ease when we saw how seamlessly her system worked.

The top reasons we recommend Kris are:

  • We were repeatedly told by our son that working with Kris was worthwhile;
  • She was respectful of our son’s time, and she was prepared for, and kept, scheduled meetings;
  • She held our son accountable to a weekly writing and application schedule based on various college deadlines;
  • She kept us in the loop by copying us on weekly status/next step emails to our son, and
  • We saw our son’s essays develop as Kris helped him to brainstorm ideas, develop thoughts, question assumptions, and edit drafts. We enjoyed seeing our son’s views come to life!

We believe these last five months will pay dividends, not only in helping our son get into a top college, but also in fine-tuning his writing skills for life.”

Lori Galloway, Laguna Nigel, California

Advisor Recommendation:

“Thank you for serving so many students so well, and I wish you all the best. I have been recommending Kris’ SAT/ACT tutoring services for years, and she continues to help students get tremendous results with raising their test scores.  I have seen students earn substantial score increases with Kris’ help and guidance.  Kris is clear about her expectations and what students need to do to succeed.  Students who are willing to put in the time to follow her plan will be very pleased with the results.”

Lynell Engelmyer, Founder of College Application Wizard, Niskayuna, New York